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How you can check Glo, MTN, ETISALAT or Airtel phone numbers from the SIM CARD with USSD code


Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) is a technology that allows users to access various services through the use of short codes. It usually consists of number that start with * and end with #. PayAsYouGo customers often use USSD codes to load airtime

USSD Code to know your Glo mobile number

To get your Glo Nigeria number from the phone line. Dial 777*# on the Glo line to show your number. For other glo ussd

USSD Code to know your Airtel mobile number

To get your Airtel Nigeria number from your phone line. Dial *121*5*1# on your Airtel line to show your Airtel number.


USSD Code to know your ETISALAT mobile number

Simply dial *248# and your number will be displayed.


How to use USSD

Dial the advertised code of the USSD service you want to access, for example *123#, and then press the call button.

The application will respond with a menu:

*123# Menu:

1. Phone Setup

2. MTN Play

3. MTN Services

To respond to the menu item or number of the information you want to receive, press ‘OK’ or ‘Reply’. Enter the number of the menu item you want and press ‘OK’, ‘Reply’ or the green call button to receive the required information.

You can then browse the menu until you receive the desired information by performing the instruction as mentioned above.

Check all MTN USSD codes here


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How to extract your phone contacts for bulk SMS


Android Phone
Go to google play store (either on your phone or browser)
Login with same google email on your android phone
You will see the page below
 contacts from android phone

Type "excel to contact" on the search bar


Click the app and select install

On your android phone, you will see the app.

Click on it

Select "Export to excel"


Nokia Phone
Install nokia PC suite

Go to file export contacts to excel



Install Blackberry application

Export contacts to txt or excel