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Top ten Ways To Earn Money Online

We have selected these top ten proven ways to earn legitimate money online.There are however other different ways to earn money online not covered in this article. All work on same principles. Find these listed below

Online Surveys

Companies pay bloggers to review their products. This is why many online surveys on the internet. Different companies want to have information from their clients and online surveys or reviews is a way to get it. Usually people get paid for answering questions on these surveys. Revenue gotten from these surveys are not really much


Investing money online is one of the major ways to make real wealth online. Buying stocks, bonds or precious metals  is a major way to make good money online. These yield some interest for the money investments. In practice, you can invest by registering to stock trading site,
deposit your money there and start investing.

Affiliate Marketing

Advertising other people’s products in different places on the internet is the bane of affiliate marketing. In affiliate marketing, the merchant advertises products of big companies who in turn pay the marketers commision for any refferal that buys through their affiliate link. The great benefit of affiliate marketing  is that it’s passive income. What this means is that long as someone clicks on the affiliate link you earn commision. The most efficient way for this is probably through your own website. If you don’t know anything about creating a website or affiliate marketing.

Selling Your Own Products

One could decide to sell and promote one's own product. You can write a book, create a course or sell your other products at  an online store. Selling an ebook is also a great way to generate your passive income. When you once have written a book you can get revenue even after 10 years. Compare to normal 9-5 work where income will stop flowing right away when you stop working.

Freelancer services.

On internet, there are many sites where you can offer your skills for money. For example, some people may ask you to write a blog post on their website and in turn pay you some money for that. You can also work for example as a web designer or champion promotion of adverts for different companies. Some known freelancing websites include fiverrfreelancerguruelanceiWriter

The downside of freelancing is that it is not passive income as one needs to continually strive to generate income with each new effort. Hence. it is not a one-off thing.