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Frequent Asked Questions

question iconOur audience are advised to check out for information about our website on this page. We will continue to build this page as requests from our customers and fans increase. Fill the form on our contact-us page to ask any question that is not covered here. Please note that any coloured text on this website is a hot link. Click it to view the content

Spam word check can be found on this link

To extract all contacts from your phone, click on this link

How can I register?


To be a member click on the menu labelled "Register" or click "Create Account"

Fill the user registration form that opens

Provide "Name", "User Name", "Password", "Email"

Click to check the white rectangular box labelled "Captcha" near "I am not a robot"

Select required pictures according to Captcha request

Click "Verify"

Click "Register". See pictures below

Captcha challenge picture

Expect a mail on the email address you provided

Click on the link sent to your email to activate your account

Log into your account and start to compose SMS

Log out when you are done

Cost of Bulk SMS
N1.50k per SMS flat for purchases below N10,000. For SMS above 10,000 units contact us via email or phone

Payment information

Pay with your ATM card from anywhere. To pay with ATM card click here
We have provided two account details with name Duru Julius E for our payments. We also accept payments via online transfer to these accounts. Send sms to our phone line after payment for confirmation of the transaction.

You can pay with your ATM card or Vogue Pay

Details about how to make this transaction will be uploaded in due course

Contact Us

We are available on phone line +2348063714990 and on our WhatsApp number +2348052767514. You can as well fill contact form on our contact page

How to send SMS message

Log in with yor account details and password

Click "Compose:

On "Sender ID" type what you want the recipient see as the sender. Do not use numbers here as it will be truncated.

Put the recipient number at "Destination Numbers"

Separate multiple numbers with comma

Click "Send"

Creating a Group

Go to phone book 

Add new

Type group name


Adding contacts Group

Type contact numbers in notepad or excel separated by comma, save the file eg contact.txt

Go to phone book

Click "Add new"

Type group name

Select "Upload multiple"


Choose group

Click "Upload records"

Add file to group

Add multiple

Type number

Select number

Add record

Delete group

Transfer/Delete group

Select group

Type "delete"


Add file to group

Add multiple

Type number

Select number


Go to Payment Info tab

See account name Duru Julius E and account numbers

Pay to GTB or Ecobank

By SMS via ATM or Vogue Pay

Click Buy SMS

With ATM Credit

Type number of units

Wait to be redirected to payment page

Click ok

Select Vogue Pay OR Visa in Naira OR Master Card

Put a working email

Make payment

Put Card details

Click pay

Expect transaction details sent to your email

Click return to merchant site

Search for any information

To fetch information about any article or information:

Ttype what you want to search for on our search bar

Click search lens icon.

Find the search bar ob top right side of all pages.