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Benefits of C9

Clean 9 also called C9 does the following:-
1. Removes #toxins from the body
2. Prevents chronic diseases
3. Enhances immune system function,
4. Enables #weightloss
5. Slows premature aging
6. Improves quality of life
7. Increases energy
8. Improves skin quality
9. Improves mental and emotional clarity
10. Restores balance to our body systems
It is advised that one should detox at least every six months. During the 9 days #detoxification, one is not dieting but rather nourishing one's system with the nutrients it actually needs to perform at its optimum.
People that are Obese should add FIT1&/or FIT2 which are weight management programmes.
Slim people, ulcer patients, high #BP patients and those looking for the fruit of the womb can do C9 because the program cleanses the entire system to allow each of the organs perform its God given duties naturally.
Slim people need it because loaded toxins in the system are being removed. Ulcer patients can benefit from this programme and will need to additional supplements-  Bee Propolis, Fields of Green, Forever Probiotics and drinking  Aloe Vera Gel.
Also #HBP patients can detox but additional supplements will be taken - Artic sea, Garlic Thyme, Cardio Health and Forever Daily.Breast feeding mothers can do C9 and use the  Toning Kit  but they should replace the Garcinia Plus with Artic Sea
All members of a family should commence C9 at the same time to derive the maximum benefits. This would eliminate the need to cook during this period and also help them adopt a healthier lifestyle.
Those with fibroids have been known to have the fibroids shrink and even disappear especially with the use of Aloe Vera gel.
To further watch  a video of how C9 works on your body system as well as testimonials of others, check out http://bit.ly/1Mr4kBu

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