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helping hands internationalAre you stuck in your business or job?

Are you in need of extra buck?

Are you thinking of ways to add value to humanity?

Do you care to become your own boss?

All these and lots more are achievable with ‘Helping Hands International’.

“You are greater than who you think you are”.



Helping hands Int’l is an amazing life changing group that empowers people while creating joy and love to the orphans and the less privileged.

With a one-time donation of either #6600(for yourself alone) or #19800(for you and two other people) you automatically become a member.

Helping hands work with the power of duplication i.e. Once you register, You need to refer and register 2 people who will in turn refer and register 2 people and on and on. You need not stop after referring 2 people because you need to work with your team for all of you to grow. The more referral your team has, the more bonuses and the more you will all grow.

Find Below the Five Stages in Helping Hands Int’l:

  • Stage 1 is called ASSOCIATE
  • Stage 2 is called MASTER’S
  • Stage 3 is called SUPER MASTER
  • Stage 4 is called MINISTER
  • Stage 5 is called PRIME MINISTER

STAGE 1: If you introduce and register 2 people in this Stage, you are entitled to $26 but if you Introduce and register 6 people (directly) in this stage, you will get $58 i.e. you make $8 on each referral you make + $10 matrix bonus.


helping hands international oneFor two people, you get 8*2+10 = 26

For 6 people you get 8*6+10 =58

STAGE 2: This Stage involves all the people in your stage 1 joining you to stage 2 i.e. ‘2 by 5 matrix’. This means that all your six down lines need to get their own six down lines too.


helping hands international two

Your Entitlements at this stage are:

1 apple tablet or 1 HP Laptop

$1000 Bonus

1 CUG line with a reliable telecommunication and your Uplink gets $100 bonus

STAGE 3: This Stage involves another ‘2 by 5 matrix’ i.e. all the people your 6 down lines registered, also getting 6 people each or better put, all your 6 down lines also moving to Stage 2. At this stage the level of team work desired is high as the stakes are getting higher.

Your Entitlements at this Stage are:

$3000 Bonus

1st Brand New Hyundai Car worth $10000

Empowerment for 2 people on recommendation ($1000 each)

5% Matching Bonus to your Uplink

STAGE 4: Here, much effort is being required because your team members also need to move as you are moving. This stage involves all your team members in stage 1 also moving to Stage 3 i.e. they need to duplicate another ‘2 by 5 matrix’.

Your Entitlements at this Stage are:

$6000 Bonus

Executive Hyundai Jeep Valued @ $27000

Empowerment for 1 Motherless Baby Home

Interest FREE Loan (up to $12,000) – on request

5% Matching Bonus to uplink --- $ 300

STAGE 5: This is the last stage of our compensation plan and it's a 2 x 2 forced matrix with a spill over and spill under, when you completes stage4, you are promoted to start this 2 x 2 matrix with you on top.

The bonus in this stage is $12,000 and its paid in 2 levels:
Level 1 = $2,000 
Level 2 = $ 10,000
Total = $12,000 
5% matching bonus of $600 is paid to up link.

Additional Incentives

  • Housing fund -$40,000.
  • All-Expense paid Int'l Trip
  • Educational Fund ($2,000.)
  • Yearly Infinity Bonus ($5,000).
  • 5% Matching Bonus to uplink ($600).
  • Elite Club members Loan (Up to 44,000)


You earn and collect the incentives above over and over and over again as you complete each re-entry. (Re-entry fee = $500) 

Here, immediately the Prime Minister's matrix is completed, YOU are re-entered again into stage 5 Matrix, a re-entry fee of $500 is automatically deducted from your earnings to position you for another round of payment, incentives, plus qualify for more benefits. You will need another 6 followers to collect another round of entitlement.

Now each time you emerged as a "Prime Minister" after completing the matrix, you are automatically re-entered back into the existing stage 5 matrix with 3 existing members on it. You come under from the left hand side as number 4 on the 2nd level of the matrix (your downlinks), whereas on your dashboard you are on top of your matrix with 2 stars **, indicating 2nd tenure on Prime Minister's stage (xxx-3stars- indicating 3rdtenure) until you have 6 stars (******)

Board of Trustee

  • This is how to get there:
  • Becoming a Trustee is a privileged pack for our committed members, it aimed at bringing them close to the organization, bringing them to board, board of directors.
  • This is how to get there:
    On your 7th tenure of your PM, you will be entered into a new matrix called TRUSTEE, it is 2 x 3 matrix, this will qualify you to join board of trustee, and become one of our directors, with mouth-watering benefits that comes with being a board of trustee members.

    The Board of TRUSTEE is a prestigious position and it's highly coveted position, any smart Associate or member will do anything to get there. Getting there is easier especially when you are already a prime minister in our ranking. 

    On the 7th time you will be placed on top of a "TRUSTEE" 2 x 3 matrix which require 2 in your 1st level. 4 on your 2nd level and 8 on your last level, when this 2 x 3 matrix is completely filled you will be contacted and a congratulatory mail will sent to you and all benefits paid.

Find below the benefits of a Trustee (director):

Trustee Bonus (paid once) --- $80,000

Enjoy global profit pool yearly. ($10,000)

Residual Income for Life—($10,000)

Become a director in charge of the next-in-line-country to be launched. (With 1% commission on all sign ups from such country)

Automatic yearly qualification to attend our AGM in Hawaii U S A or Paris

As a director, you are entitled to recommend yearly:

2 Orphans from any Orphanage home (in your neighbourhood) for scholarship award.

Scholarship Award for 2 people who must be from your religious settings that you belong (church or mosque). All of these people shall be empowered same day after being investigated.

NOTE: The Condition for Criteria: For you to attain this DIRECTOR position, 4 of your direct referrals must be on this matrix (2 x 3), which means that 4 members you directly refer must be somewhere from level 1-3 of your 2 x 3 TRUSTEE matrix. 

Please Contact the undersigned for more info:

Ijeoma Ozigbo09095323488 or follow my link: http://helpinghandsinternational.biz/ijeeglo