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Online computer repair services

Online computer repair services

Computer repairs have gone real time, online. With this initiative, you may not keep wasting precious time on simple tasks owing to slowness or a malfunctioning computer. We have the capacity to be on ground remotely and fix those issues. When a computer hangs periodically, a whole lot of issues can cause it.

The issues could range from virus, malwares, spybots, worms and malfunctioning hardware.

We can guide you through the process of repairing your computer with ease! While connected to the internet, we would show you how to do this real time. Or you want us to do it ourselves? Get us involved then, and see that freezing computer jerk back to life. The process however requires you to have a fast internet link so as to allow us get the work done in lesser number of hours.

The two way procedure entails first checking the computer sytem to see the status. Secondly, we carry out the repairs. For breaking internet links we will guide you through other online communication channels while you execute the walkthrough. No extra certificate in computing is needed to participate in this the first time.

The cost for online repairs is $10 or equivalent per hour payable before commencement of the first stage. After assessment, we can however recommend likely remedies to the issues depending on how critical the issue with the computer might be. If the challenge with the computer is software related, we will provide a link to buy the best of the software depending also on your financial capacity. In cases where spotted a failing hardware, we will redirect you to known stores for good deals.